KOR -TEK İnşaat A.Ş. , was established in 2000 to serve in the field of Structural Repair and Reinforcement  business by  3 engineers and experts in the field who come together and engaged for a continuous development . From its inception, a proven and rigorous engineering a customer and solution oriented approach has been shown in the foreground.

In over time, our company evaluated towards its knowledge in the industry “Structural Repair and Strengthening "  the subject matters of  "Technological Waterproofing " and " Industrial Coatings " also have added amongst the business issues and singed many of the critical projects.

Our company with its expert co-founders in the field, provides consulting services to the Construction Chemical Producers for laboratory installations, product developments, cost optimizations. KOR-TEK İnşaat A.Ş. also consults Project/Design Firms for appropriate material selection and application solutions.

With its successful services after many years, our company maintains its leader position in the market

In practice, the responsibility of the conscious applicator companies is to give correct information to their customers about  products and process.

Shortening the duration of the project , additional and prevention of illegal labor , factors such as possible repairs, costs are important . With the awareness of these requirements KOR -TEK İnşaat A.Ş., primarily considers customer satisfaction .

We as KOR-TEK İnşaat A.Ş. identify the real needs of our customers, recommend product and practices accordingly. We therefore not use offsize products and we make “apparent and actual cost " analysis behalf of our client.

 As a result, what makes us different in the sector is, bringing right solutions for  technical and practical needs.

Our solution-oriented , constructive approach to business has never changed !

Without changing our attitude and without compromising our understanding, we aimed protect and develope our position in the marketplace.

We are aware of our responsibilities.













KOR-TEK İnsaat performing the waterproofing job of about 70.000m2 at ISTINYE PARK Project IZMIR -Balcova


KOR-TEK Insaat started the Waterproofing works in KATAL MAVİŞEHİR

Green Local Government and Cultural Center

KOR-TEK INSAAT is making the water insulation works of Çanakkale Green Local Government and Cultural Center